Countries to visit in Arab world

The Arab world, also known as Arab state or Arab nation, consists of 22 countries of the Arab league. It includes several countries such as Saudi Arabia, Yemen, Qatar and other Arabic countries. People in this region speak the Arabic language. It occupies the Atlantic Ocean in the west. In the east, Arabian Sea is found. In the north and south of this state, Mediterranean and the Indian Ocean is found respectively. The population of this state is about 442 million people. Most of the people in Arab world speak the Arabic language. They promote their culture through different promotional ways to the world. It consists of several countries to visit by travelers all around the world. Some of the famous countries to visit are as follows.


It is a relatively safe country. It is watched as barren land in most of the movies. But actually, it is quite impressive having many beautiful places to visit. The capital of Jordan is Amman. Some other cities located in Jordan are Aqaba, Petra, and Swami. It consists of many beautiful mountains, deserts, and rivers. If you want to do hiking then you should visit valley Midrib. For the camping, valley Rum is famous. In addition, city cafe on Rainbow Street is located to view amazing views and sceneries. It is one of the most visited countries in the Arab state.


It is a beautiful country with amazing places to visit. It shares a border with Iraq. It is not involved in conflicts with its neighbor countries. It is a very stable country with developed economy. After UAE and Qatar, it is an oil rich nation and export this resource to other countries in the world. Adventurous malls and cafes are located in Kuwait for the national and international visitors. The capital of Kuwait is Kuwait City. Kuwait city is mostly populated with crimes. Most of the crimes are related to the racism.


It is the most amazing and wonderful country to visit by travelers from all over the world. They perceive it as the most beautiful country in the Arab world. Many Americans think it as the most dangerous country due to some safety issues. It has undergone civil wars and other government issues. But despite these facts, this country is most visited. Lebanon is taking steps for safety of people native to the countries and travelers as well. It is developing and taking safety measures.


It is a country which has been developed during the recent years after the terrorist attacks. But now it is very safe and reliable country for visitors and residents. It consists of several places of cafes, malls, and other enjoyment places. Due to this attraction, people visit this country in the Arab world.

The United Arab Emirates

It is a federation of seven emirates and comes in the Arab World. It is facilitated with free trade agreement among members. Dubai in the United Arab Emirates is the most visited place in this region. It consists of several malls, enjoyment parks, and other places. One of the famous places in Dubai is Dubai mall where many people come to visit and shop every year.