Do you Consider Social Media a Public Place in Europe?

How social media helps everyone in their growth?

Social media is a platform for individuals, enterprises, corporations and governments to share information in the form of news, blogs, articles, tweets and posts. It is redefining the structure of everything from social interaction to how businesses do viral marketing. Millions of people are connected through social media using Facebook, Twitter, Google, Instagram, etc. and the number is keep growing. It has diminished the constraints of distance, time and geography. It has converted the world into a global market.

Social media has positively contributed to economic development and income thus, the whole economy. It is used by high-tech industry with improved innovations. Increased level of human capital is reported by using social media. Social media provides creative jobs the field of science, arts, business and education. Millions of people use social media for the purpose of entertainment. It has entirely changed the way of doing business. Digital marketing is emerging trend that is rapidly expending all over the world. It allows users to send money via online systems.

How to use different networks?

Online public health campaigns are contributing to health and care sector. Social media assists experts to viral disseminate information related to diseases for precautionary measures. Social media allows users to take initiative steps in a better way. Governments and political parties use social media for political purposes. Twitter is extensively used during political crisis, elections, etc. Social media helps us tackle serious issues like human rights violations to drastic weather changes.

How to use different networks?

People who use multiple social networks interact with distinctively different characters or nature of people, groups and topics. Social media offers various platforms that distinct with each other in functions and activities. Each platform is like a different meeting room with significant specific qualities. Being a user you have to learn the art of sharing specific information on particular social network.

Twitter acts a micro-blog; only limited message can be shared on it. Politicians use twitter for comments and organizing protests and election campaigns with the help of followers. According to tweetnfollow, if a politician buy twitter followers $1, he/she can get a gain of 100 followers in just 24 hours! Similarly Facebook starts with an image in the form of post. Be specific in sharing content with remarkable aesthetic sense. Instagram is about real photos. These simple photos are clicked on phone with added interesting notes and shared via Instagram thus Instagram is all about real time moments. Pinterest is better to call as catalog of ideas. Art and craft, fashion, home decor, etc. are most popular contents on Pinterest.

Getting Benefit of Social Media as a Public Place:

You can get benefits of social media by using, following and actively participating. Maintain strong relationship by being in contact with others through this platform. Engage yourself in sharing updated information, gaining knowledge and aligning message with emotions. Develop your social skills and self-confidence by using this public place. Social media is becoming an integral part of our daily lives in rapid growing technological era. Be an active member of social group to build trust and credibility. Create your content(video, photo, writing and message), share it via social media and get recognition.