The best educational institution in Arab world

The Arab world is trying to make their education system as one of the best. They are putting their full efforts and making policies to make sure that their students are getting a quality education. The government of the Arab world has announced special education budget. They are building new schools and hiring new teachers. They are giving special training programs to the teachers. They have realized that education in the Arab world so much essential, without it, they cannot do anything.

Today in the Arab world, many universities are giving quality education and competing with best universities.

King Fahd University:

The King Fahd University of Petroleum and mineral is at in the top OF the QS university rankings. It is established in 1963 and located in the Saudi Arabia city of Dhahran. Dhahran is known as an important city in the oil industry. This university is only for males and enrolled about 7000 students. This university offers courses in every discipline including engineering and business. Education in the Arab world is progressing no doubt they are trying their level best to make their education system one of the best in the world.


AUB is the American University of Beirut. It is the capital of Lebanon. A private university is ranked 11 among all other universities in the Lebanon. This university offers a wide variety of courses, bachelor’s degree, master degree, Ph.D. and MD degree as well. The highest number of students are enrolled here. About 6800 undergraduates and 1600 graduates are studying right now. You may also see the number of international students studying at this university. People prefer to study engineering over here as they have a very good faculty for this course. To see how developed and good education in the Arab world is, do visit this university.

Saud University:

It is in Saudi Arabia city of Riyadh. Ranked as the second best university in this area. It enrolled about 51000 students. They offer courses related to every field. Many international students prefer this university for study purpose. Unlike other universities, King Saud accepts both male and female students. Education in the Arab world is becoming good by the time. Their efforts are resulting in a good way. The government of the Arab world was working seriously to resolve the education problems. As a result, you can see many universities were built and giving quality education as King Saud University, even international students are enrolled in this university.


The King Abdul Aziz University is also one of the best university in the Arab. Built in 1963, with the aim to make education in the Arab world as number one. The best system as compares to another education system in the world. About 42000 students are studying in this university, and many wish to take admission. Courses include mathematics, engineering, computer and much more. They have a faculty for every subject including humanities, medicines, business and sciences. This university is the best educational institution in the Arab world.