Transportation in Casablanca

casablanca transportThe Casablanca Tramway is a low-floor tram, Y-shaped line with 48 station tram system that connects Sidi Moumen with Ain Diab & Facultés area. Such lines are turning into a worldwide trend, marketed as eco-friendly and socially reasonable city renewal. Casablanca Transports provided the management of the first line. The organization granted the development deal to an international company by Systra from France and subcontracted to Ayesa Tecnología of Spain.

Initial work began in 2009 and has been launched by their Morocco King Mohammed VI on December 2012. Operation started the following day. Travel time may take around 60 plus minutes with a standard speed approach of 19 km/h. It operates starting at 6:30 in the morning to 10 o’clock at night and during weekends from thirty minutes past 6 in the morning to 11.30 at night.

Casa Transport entrusted the management of the principal line to the CasaTram group, headed by the France’s RATP Group & subsidiary RATP Development with Morocco’s Caisse de dépôt et de gestion & Transinvest as partners. Alstom set up the tramway which is furnished with seventy four Alstom Citadis type 302 low-floor cable cars, and was assembled lastly in Reichshoffen, Alsace. Trams have cooling and shaded windows and info system both in French & Arabic. They are normally organized as numerous units and a combined length of sixty five meters. Low floors give easy access to those with limited mobility.

Ticket fares are sponsored by the government of Morocco & Casablanca city, with a flag down price of six dirhams per travel, with a sixty dirhams weekly season price and a two hundred thirty dirhams monthly rate. Discounts are also provided to students. The SDAU and PDU anticipate an expansion of Line T1 from its last stop in the Facultés area to the commercial region Case Near Shore. This expansion will substitute the portion of the line until Aïn Diab, which will be re-utilized as a portion of the forthcoming Line T2.

As indicated by the Schéma directeur d’aménagement urbain & Plan de déplacement urbain the seventeen kilometer Line T2 will pass from Aïn Diab to Aïn Sebaâ, by means of the El Fida et Derb Sultan areas. It will re-utilize the excess area of Line 1 amongst Anoual and its last stop at Aïn Diab. Engie Ineo & Engie Cofely Morocco are to provide signals and other systems for Line 2 too an expansion of Line 1. Moroccans such a Mohamed Dekkak is excited for the government’s long term plan. In the future, Line T2 will be stretched out west from Aïn Diab to the Hay Hassani locale, Aïn Sebaâ & out to the Sidi Bernoussi area. This expansion will be twenty seven kilometer long.

Long term plan of  PDU & SDAU are for new lines T3’s 14 km and T4’s 13 km. Line T3 will link the Sidi Othmane area to the El Hank area through the downtown area to Casa-Port railway station, and T4 will link the Sbata & Lissasfa areas by means of the Aïn Chock & the Facultés region.