Highly Trending Events On Social Media

Social media is one of the industries which rapidly changes. Cutting edge technology changes features of social media. Sometimes, an old idea gets famous on it and people started to use it. All of these technological and feature changes either impact positively or negatively. Such changes may result in an increase of users of social media networks due to good extensions. Here we discuss some of the top trending events in social media.

Social messaging

We focus on social networks more than social networking when we talk about social media. We mostly talk about social conversation and communication with friends on it. We consider various social media networks such as Facebook, WhatsApp, Messenger, WeChat, Viber and other applications. All of these social platforms belong to communication with friends and relatives. These facilitate messages and video call to people over internet and mobile network.

Fight against fake news

Various fake news agencies and individuals provide wrong information on Twitter and other social media networks. It finishes trust and loyalty of users on different social media platforms. Such fake news needs to be overcome and corrected. There need actions to taken by people and administration. So, fighting against fake news is one of the top trending events.

Authentic content

Social media focuses on uploading authentic content. Users need to upload good data on YouTube and other social networks. Social media believes in real videos and pictures without copying content like YouTube.

Augmented reality

This idea was introduced by Snapchat selfie lens. Facebook is also experimenting an augmented reality. They focus on live streaming of videos. Uploading of these videos is helped by the live filter and selfie app.


It is a kind of facilitation of conversation with people. Facebook has introduced messenger integrated to it. It facilitates businesses to contact with customers.

Automation and analytics

Tools and software for analyzing media profiles are available for marketers. They can assess how much traffic is flowing toward their websites due to social media networks. This is one of the top trends in social media. For automization many vendors also buy followers on Instagram and views. It keeps on increasing and makes the user a part of a trend.

Personalization for marketing

Social media automation provides facilities to marketers. It helps them to deliver the right content at right time to right people.


Social media has a larger stake in influencers. Users can get more popularity by social media influencers on their profiles.

Live streaming

It is one of the top events on social media. Users can get live on Facebook and Instagram with other people. They can capture their events and activities live to share with their followers on social media. It provides live interaction with followers. Celebrities interact with their followers live by this tool.


All social media networks are providing more privacy for users. Users can access to the services of social media networks more privately such as Facebook. Facebook is introducing more privacy options to users.

So, these are top trending events in social media. These are trends which are prevailing in social media more and more. These trends have facilitated people with several tools and techniques.